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Zoom and Pan Block Diagrams

Zoom the Displayed Size of a Model

You can enlarge or shrink the view of the block diagram in the current Simulink® Editor window. To zoom in and out, you can:

  • Use any of the items on the View > Zoom menu.

  • In the palette, drag the zoom button to the object that you want to zoom in on.

  • On supported multitouch gesture platforms, pinch or spread two fingers.

Pan to Areas in a Model

You can pan (move horizontally) within a block diagram, to display parts of a model that are not visible in a Simulink Editor window. To pan the display, you can:

  • Use the scroll bars.

  • Hold down Spacebar while dragging the mouse

  • Hold the mouse scroll wheel down and drag the mouse

  • Shift+left arrow (or the right, up, or down arrow key) or for finer panning, just the arrow key

  • On supported multitouch gesture platforms, drag two fingers.

Disable Mouse Scroll Wheel Zoom Behavior

To disable the zoom behavior for the scroll wheel, clear the File > Simulink Preferences > Editor Defaults > Scroll wheel controls zooming preference. If you hold the Ctrl key and use the scroll wheel, the scroll wheel behavior is the opposite of how the preference is set.

Zoom and Pan Using Multitouch Gestures

System Requirements

MathWorks® supports the use of multitouch gestures for panning and zooming on the Microsoft® Windows® with a Windows 7 certified or Windows 8 certified touch display.

Other supported Simulink platforms that also support multitouch gestures might also support pan and zoom gestures, but MathWorks has not fully tested those platforms.

Pan and Zoom Gestures

To pan, keep drag two fingers on the screen.

To zoom in and out, pinch or spread two fingers on the screen.

You can combine a panning gesture with a zooming gesture.

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