Instrument Control Toolbox

Managing an Instrument Control Session

Hardware Discovery, Management, and Configuration

Instrument Control Toolbox provides a set of utility functions that let you determine hardware availability for your test setup. Using these functions, the toolbox scans for all available hardware connected to your system. It also lets you examine or configure IVI configuration store information for IVI drivers. You can add and remove hardware assets and logical names, and you can display available IVI driver information. You can access these management and configuration functions using MATLAB functions or the Test & Measurement Tool.

Capturing Interactive Instrument Sessions

Instrument Control Toolbox includes functions for recording an instrument control session to disk files. You can record:

  • Data written to instruments
  • Data read from instruments
  • Event information
Script illustrating the basic steps of connecting to a device with Instrument Control Toolbox.

Script illustrating the basic steps of connecting to a device with Instrument Control Toolbox: creation, configuration, and communication. A few lines of code let you acquire test data from an oscilloscope and plot the data in MATLAB. View the full example

Support for Synchronous and Asynchronous Modes

Instrument Control Toolbox supports both synchronous and asynchronous read-and-write operations. A synchronous operation blocks access to the command line until the read or write is completed. An asynchronous operation lets you issue additional MATLAB commands while the read or write operation executes.

Event Handling

An event, which occurs at a particular time after a condition is met, may execute a specified function known as a callback. You can use events and callbacks to analyze data as it is received from an instrument, or you can use these functions to display a message in the MATLAB workspace when all the data has been written to the instrument. The toolbox supports many event conditions, such as:

  • Error
  • Timer
  • Bytes available
  • Empty output buffer
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