Simulink Code Inspector

Report Generation

With Simulink Code Inspector, you can generate reports detailing the code inspection results. You specify the location where the reports are stored. This makes it easy to archive and include the reports in your complete certification package. The inspection report begins by identifying the exact model and source code examined, using the model checksum, path names, and date/time stamp. It then provides a summary of the verifications performed and each item’s status (for example, verified, partially verified, or failed). A detail section describes the verification results for every file, function, and line of the generated code.

Code inspection details include:

  • Function interface verification
  • Model-to-code verification
  • Code-to-model verification
  • Temporary variable usage

Traceability details include:

  • Model-to-code traceability
  • Code-to-model traceability
Detail report showing code-to-model verification and model-to-code traceability.
Simulink Code Inspector detail report showing code-to-model verification (left) and model-to-code traceability (right).
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